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"Luanda" means musical and is inspired by the powerful women I saw during my months of travelling overland from South Africa to Ethiopia.


She is made of clay in my home in Abbotsford, Victoria and then Raku fired multiple times to achieve her unique. Luanda is finally accessorised with real feathers from an old feather duster and her necklace was found in landfill in Dandenong. Her personality is 100% her own. She is 14.5cm tall and 9.5cm wide at the base.


Luanda may have minor imperfections, as we all have; these contribute to her uniqueness of being a hand created, one off piece.


My “Kate Girls” have been fired in the ancient Japanese method of Raku and then treated with a UV resistant sealer. To slow down the natural process of colour fading she is best kept out of direct sunlight.

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