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Blue Girl

Blue Girl


"Blue Girl" is 18.5cm tall x 12.5cm wide base. I made "Blue Girl" after a trip I took across the Strait of Gibraltar to Tangier, Morocco. She reflects the exotic colours of the souks of Morocco.


*As she is a "second" please read the product info.



    I made her from clay in my inner city home in Melbourne, Australia. Once dry she was bisque fired to 1000°. I then glazed her in a combination of dry and gloss galzes and fired her in the ancient Japanese Raku method. I repeated the glazing and firing process until she reflected the exotic colours of the souks of Morocco.


    She may have minor imperfections, as we all have; these contribute to her uniqueness of being a hand created, one off piece.


    *She is a "second" as she has a couple of fine cracks on her base caused by the thermal shock of the raku firing, they are not a structural issue.


    She has been treated with a UV resistant sealer to slow down the natural process of colour fading and is best placed out of direct sunlight.


    All girls are packaged in bubble wrap and triple boxed.

    Shipping within Australia flat rate: $15.

    Free Melbourne pick up can be arranged.

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